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O‘Reillys view on the term „Web3“, blockchain an cryptocurrency.

It is refreshingly down to earth and nice to read if you are like me: Someone not liking the cryptocurrency community for using something general like „Web3“ to describe the/their current hype.

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Mit iOS 15.2 ist es nun soweit: Der umstrittene Nacktfotofilter für iMessage ist nun mit an Bord. Erstmal nur für iMessages aktivierbar. Viel gravierender ist aber: Er ist nun Teil des Systems.

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Warum sagt mir niemand, das CRE eine neue Folge hat?

Mit Armin Maiwald über die Sendung mit der Maus?

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but…

Privacy isn’t:

- A premium feature
- A setting you must configure
- About having something to hide

Privacy is:

- A basic human right.

How cool is that? A selfhostable git server which can be accessed via ssh to browser via a TUI:

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Ich verkaufe mein altes NAS, inklusive Festplatten und einer weiteren Ersatz-Festplatte:
Boosts natürlich auch willkommen!

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@puresick Would this repo be something?

I haven't yet actually used it, even though I'm considering using it myself, but it looks promising from what I can tell!

Hey followers!
Does anyone have a working blocklist for Pi-hole to block URLs used by Apple for tracking purposes?
Retooting appreciated! :)

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Shopping weekend 2021 

We'll have a few sales on throughout the weekend! But I let this important national holiday slip my mind until today, so not all sales are live yet.

Right now, you can get:

- 25% off our yearly Pro subscription:
- 33% off the @writefreely iOS app:

And there's plenty more to come. I'll post here and on our @deals blog when everything is available 🙂

#blackfriday #cybermonday

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Suddenly Bcache stopped working. It's there, I am booting my OS from it - it just doesn't cache anything. All I/O goes straight into the backing HDD, and the cache SSD is totally unused.
I've been using Bcache with success for a few months and it has let me get the best of my small SDD and large HDD. It was fantastic. But now I can't figure out what's wrong. And what's worse - I can't find any resources on such issues or contact to anyone who could help me.
#bcache #Linux #tech #help

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Sind Hobby-Astronomen im Haus?

Wir möchten uns zu Weihnachten für die ganze Familie ein Teleskop anschaffen. Kann jemand etwas empfehlen?

- Unseren Mond anschauen
- Planeten anschauen

- Kinderfreundlich (==nicht allzu zerbrechlich)
- Evtl. kamerageeignet
- 350€ maximal

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Servicetoot: Wer spontan eine einzelne professionelle Videokonferenz/Schulung halten muss: Der folgenden Bigbluebutton-Anbieter hat Einzelsitzungspreise und die Recording-Funktion komplett deaktiviert:

Alternative für drei Monate Laufzeit, ebenfalls garantiert ohne Recording:

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It always amazes me when people want to vote about something in a free software project and somehow imagine, that suddenly developers would follow that direction just because there is a majority of users voting for something.

Thing is: Most projects have few people who implements stuff, and as people in the kitchen will tell you: You get to eat what the cook likes, or you'll have to cook by yourself.

So everyone who insists on this, please pack your stuff and play democracy somewhere else.

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Wer mithilfe der #CodeCheck-App bewusste Kaufentscheidungen treffen möchte, zahlt am anderen Ende drauf: Im Test krallte sich der Anbieter einen unguten Mix aus Standortdaten und Kennnummern und gab Nutzungsdaten an mehrere Werbefirmen weiter.

Random fact straight from Microsofts privacy policy: They track every button you press on a Xbox controller while "using Xbox network". (search the page for "Xbox wireless controller using the Xbox network")

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