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Just got an email from DHL about real-time tracking for my package. Seriously, why do I need that. Just make sure my package arrives on the day you tell me it arrives. No need to put tracking devices on your drivers.

How can one make sure that stuff arrives? By having enough drivers. Not by tracking. Give drivers a break, add some time to their schedule that acts as a buffer in case things take a bit longer, make shipping more expensive if necessary.


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The idea that website owners have "a right" to track the clicks from their emails to you and to know everything about your journey in their system is wrong.

Imagine if you buy your child a bike - does the chain manufacturer have a right to know what time they use the bike and which friends they visit?

Of course not. We should stop pretending that websites are magical experiences that require persistent intrusion.

#Privacy is a right, even though it is far from being legally declared so.

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Die Banking-App von N26 enthält in der aktuellen Version (3.57.1) 12 Tracker!

Kuchendiagramme und die Kommerzialisierung des Dienstes werden der IT-Sicherheit und dem Datenschutz vorgezogen. 🤪

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"How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%"

Turns out it's inefficiently parsing 10 MB of JSON every time you load the game

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1. New VC-backed startup enters the scene
2. People flock to it
3. They discover it’s a surveillance capitalist (and still have no clue what that is)
4. They’re shocked (because, see 3)
5. It’s too late, they’re too big and they’ve exited
6. Goto 1



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A notice asking if you want only necessary cookies or all cookies, including ones that profile you, is like a maître d’ asking you “would you like to dine with us or would you like to dine with us and have your organs harvested?” What about my entering your restaurant prompted you to think I’d ever want the latter?

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Wir haben uns in Episode 21 aus der Side Project Corner entfernt und einfach eine ganze Folge zu unseren bisherigen Side Projects gemacht.

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“Why I Still Use RSS - atthislink”

I use RSS _a lot_. Over 90% of the links I post (like this one) I find through my feed reader. Trying to keep up with web development or publishing using social media feels like a very addictive way to accomplish nothing.

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svg accessibility 

Yay, svg-in-html can soon officially use any role


#3 #2022

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A friend just sent me this ten-year-old prize structure for a Starcraft tournament, and I can't stop laughing.


It feels like 99% of webserver errors regarding PHP are fast_cgi misconfigurations.

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I still haven't figured out what it is about my brain that makes me pore over every comma in my blog posts, but jot down my social media posts in a fluid, free-flowing way. The latter often leads to better writing IMO, and it's a lot more fun to write, too.

Maybe this is the thing that leads people to write tweetstorms that "should" have been blog posts. Maybe such a thing was never going to be a blog post in the first place.

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