OK so it looks like this instance was not meant for the public yet. :(

They apparently added HTTP authentication to it a few hours after my initial post. The article where I initially read about it also removed the paragraph about it: patrick-breyer.de/en/twitter-t

I can still see recent toots from accounts I followed, e.g. @EU_Commission - see the attached screenshot.

@jcast did collect a few accounts in this toot: mastodon.social/@jcast/1081994

Let's see if and when it will open up again.

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Please, if you are an open source maintainer, do not do this!

Not only is potential important informationed locked away and fragmented in this case, but you are also forcing people to register to another platform.
Also worst case, you are also having this part of information on some platform which is not made for documenting such stuff like Discord in this case.


Wenn man aktuell auf mediamarkt.de nach Geschirr sucht:

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