Hey Fediverse, I need your help!

I am currently looking for a high which works reliable in like hot days. It does not need to be the most or machine since I am going to use it at a 90% of the time.

It also needs to be by , i.e. by the latest Linux .

My research so far points to hardware (CPU and GPU), but I am curious if any of you has some experiences to share.

Boosting appreciated! :)


Update: In the end I decided to try out a ThinkPad P14s Gen 2 with an AMD Ryzen Pro 7 5850U.

A coworker of mine uses a recent model of the same product line and said he had no issues in hot environments with it so far.

Well let’s see! I will run some benchmarks once the machine arrives. :)

Thanks everyone for helping out with your suggestions!

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