Bun looks interesting! Finally a javascript runtime which does NOT use Chromiums V8 engine (it uses Webkits JavaScriptCore)!

It is still in early development, but the project goals look promising! This is worth keeping an eye on.

@puresick It describes itself as a JS engine, but runs on JavaScriptCore which is a JS engine... can you explain?

@schnittchen Where did you read that?

I am only seeing it describes itself as "JavaScript runtime" which uses the "JavaScriptCore engine".

@puresick oh sorry, my brain merged the two together. Actually I don't understand the difference

@schnittchen No worries! :)

Roughly explained:

The engine is what translates/compiles/interprets JavaScript into instructions for a computer to execute. This is the part which is implemented in most internet browsers and necessary to run JavaScript code.

The/a JavaScript runtime (like bun, nodejs or deno) basically wraps the engine into an executable which offers some high level functionality, abstractions and APIs to work with.

@puresick so the runtime is like an executable wrapper plus stuff like filesystem API?

@puresick @schnittchen I follow Jarred Sumner (, he’s definitely full speed with the development of Bun since months, it’s crazy.

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