OK so it looks like this instance was not meant for the public yet. :(

They apparently added HTTP authentication to it a few hours after my initial post. The article where I initially read about it also removed the paragraph about it: patrick-breyer.de/en/twitter-t

I can still see recent toots from accounts I followed, e.g. @EU_Commission - see the attached screenshot.

@jcast did collect a few accounts in this toot: mastodon.social/@jcast/1081994

Let's see if and when it will open up again.

Look at that, they opened up the instance again!

@EDPS also tooted an official hello world: social.network.europa.eu/@EDPS

@NGIZero do you think this could be a home for the various NGI initiatives on Mastodon?

@onepict the first sentence on that website is "EU Voice provides EU institutions, bodies and agencies", so probably not

@puresick @NGIZero

I'm glad the EU is doing this, although it would be nice to have a home somewhere for these accounts. As far as I know only zero is on here. But there are several projects here on Mastodon who have funding from assure, DAPSI etc.

It'd be nice if the consortium's running the funds had more of a presence on here as being able to credit the funds is important for the visibility of the projects, the funds and the EU itself. It's a part of working in the open.

@puresick @NGIZero

@onepict @guenther @puresick Agreed! At the moment I think only the specific communication consortium (which also manages ngi.eu) is an NGI-group active on social.network.europa. So it might help to suggest it there to have DAPSI etc. join?

@EC_NGI @humanetech
I think it would be a good idea. Because alot of projects that are funded by NGI are on Mastodon. It would be nice for the projects to be able to credit the funds.
I think that you running the NGI Zero account has been a good example of how to run an account on here.
Especially with announcing the seminars etc. I cheered when I saw NGI has an account on here rather than the mirror. I welcome the person running the account.
@guenther @puresick

@puresick interesting. I've asked them in january, when their bug bounty program was announced (it covered mastodon, too), and they replied "not yet".

@jollysea that article got updated and the passage to it removed!
Really looks like this was not meant for the public yet.

@puresick @joepie91 it seems to be just a distribution server for EU related stuff though, like official accounts and whatnot

Still, interesting


Some interesting official EU accounts

Directorate-General for Informatics

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

European Commission @EU_Commission

European Data Protection Supervisor

Open Source Programme Office @EC_OSPO

@puresick this makes me realize that a feature that's really missing in @Tusky is the ability to browse a server's accounts.

@puresick I can't see a way to list users, is there ?

I'm kinda interrested what they can post about 🙂

@puresick it's asking me for sign in credentials. Does one need an account before hand?

@SGiwrgia @puresick Looks like they have their own authentication implemented directly into the server.

@SGiwrgia It was not there a few hours ago but maybe it was not intended for the public yet and they locked it down now? 😅

@SebastianGallehr @puresick yeah, same for me. seems like the instance itself is behind a login 😕

@puresick That looks like an anti-White server dedicated to this war. War on White people.

@puresick Oh this is very nice to know. I was just thinking that something like this would have been important to give Mastodon a degree of “legitimacy” (in the positive sense of being perceived as a concrete, viable alternative to the centralized network). Hopefully the accounts there are properly maintained (even if only by mirroring the content that gets posted on the proprietary platform).

@puresick @puresick
That preview tells me all I need to know and confirms many of my priors.
@puresick europa is eugens social credit system for fedi. That instance is probably hoovering up all the data from everyone it federates with

@puresick this is fantastic. I’ve been wondering how to pitch Mastodon to the local public broadcasters. And this is a great example to point them at.

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