@puresick mullvad is great! They do cost a bit, but they are making things just right and even actively push forward for transparency and attestation of their Security, integrity and anti-tracking. Sadly they don’t get that much of a spotlight in the article.



@patrik @puresick @mullvadnet The answer to this question, presented as mostly unanswerable, is probably yes:

"Does a VPN user’s phone’s gyro-sensor data somehow translate into money in some obscure corner of the data-verse? "

See Das et al., ‘The Web’s Sixth Sense: A Study of Scripts Accessing Smartphone Sensors’ sensor-js.xyz/

Also hat tip to Mullvad---did you know they demoed post-quantum VPN service for a while? Bring that back for all! mullvad.net/en/blog/2017/12/8/


@patrik @mullvadnet yeah Mullvad is the one I personally use (and which I am recommending to use to anybody asking me) since a few years now :)

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