@puresick the first half is great, but how on earth does this guy not pack up his podcast and leave? Pleading won't change a damn thing. Moving on, making them lose business will. Both by hitting their bottom line, and by actually making things better for the listeners. Instead he pleads to pretty please allow those tracking domains until this is resolved, as of this would ever be resolved.
And then he finishes it off with "oh and they now belong to Spotify" THAT MAKES IT EVEN WORSE!

@claudius Yeah I generally agree with you here. I found it a bit weird to not at least offer some more information about this tought process on how - at least - the alternative might could look like, e.g. what possible alternative to dynamic ad insertion are available to offer a somewhat similar value to him. Just saying he needs it and that is the reason he cannot switch felt a bit to short compared to the first half of his otherwise nice insights.

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