It feels like 99% of webserver errors regarding PHP are fast_cgi misconfigurations.


Or as I just recently found out - sury changed the main version to 8.0 from 7.4 :D

@puresick that's why I prefer to run apache2+mod_php.

@puresick If I may ask this, what does fast_cgi really do? I don't get it. I've seen it mentioned so much but I've not had to deal with it since I left PHP a long time ago (but still have to dabble in it now and then).

@celia I do not know exactly what it does either. :D

What I know is that it handles the interpretation of PHP in an efficient and fast way when some .php gets requested via the webserver. That is what CGI is for generally: Having an interface between a webserver and some program handling stuff.

I often stumble upon this configuring something selfhosted - yesterday it was after a pihole update resulting in its admin interface not working anymore.

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