Do not use zoom:

And to all developers out there:
Stop using facebook sdk and other stupid stuff. Take care of your users!

@puresick how difficult is it to reproduce with the basis of jitsi the same funtionnalities that exist in zoom ? Thanks

@npettiaux what features are you missing in Jitsi that zoom has?

@puresick One problem with Jitsi is that people are confused about all these different products. If a novice user just wants to join a video conference, it will first go to the download page, and there the confusion starts, especially when you are on a desktop or laptop. Does the user need Jitsi Meet or Jitsi Desktop? Oh no, Jitsi Meet is the client on a mobile, but a server on a desktop. 😕 So let's go for Jitsi Desktop further below the page, but that's Java (won't start on my Ubuntu) and AFAIK it doesn't support the same protocol as Jitsi Meet.

Frustrated back to the frontpage. Aha, I need to use a web-app. OK, let's do that. But what do I see there, is Firefox not supported? Another disappointment. 😞

Why not having a separate Jitsi Meet client download for lap/desktops? Just use Electron with build-in Chromium, so you are sure all users have the same experience. Not a ideal, but better than is.

And call the Jitsi Meet server component Jitsi Meet Server, and put it on a different download page with all the other server stuff.

Sorry I had to rant. Don't take it personal.


@jeroenpraat @npettiaux No need to be sorry, I think that you are correct on this part!

To speak more generally, the whole UX part on open source software does seems to be weaker than with commercial software (including commercial baked open source software) of big companies - which in itself is a big problem to get other people than tech savvy ones to use such products.

This definitely is a question which needs to be answered in the long run.

@jeroenpraat @npettiaux For jitsi in particular, I see the chances for it (and other open source solutions) to be taken into discussion in companies and corporations by developers and sysadmins who care about this. They are the people who can enable others to use such a product.
This is and will be no easy task, i.e. Jitsi will not always be able to compete with zoom in this case.

Anyone still using failberg at this point gets what they fucking deserve.


When even the BBC is criticising Zoom, you know it's not just greenie anarchist human-rights-defending geeks complaining...

And another worry about Zoom giving your data to Facebook:

@jasper Never heard of it before, so I could not give you an good answer on that one, but it looks like Tox is more an alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram etc.

I think if you want an alternative to zoom for corporate communication jitsi would be the one alternative which comes close to many, but not all features.

Disclaimer: Of course it is always hard to have one absolute answer to everything, in most cases it has to be evaluated per individual.

@puresick @jasper never tried it for a large gatering but for small communication tox used to be ok.

good things: really decent voice/video quality

bad things: as it is decentralized, sometimes online people do not show up as online etc and that can cause issues.

Of course this was when I used it a year or so ago. So it might have gotten better since then.

@puresick @Gargron the only tracking SDKs I use in my apps are custom ones that I write that only pulls the information I need, none of which is personally identifiable; because I don’t want or need the information.

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