Lists containing open source alternatives to Google Analytics, Slack etc.

@puresick 6 of the first 10 there use Google Analytics. Perhaps we can all brainstorm productive ways to nudge open source websites to use open source alternatives?

If we may start:

#Google Analytics is “free” to setup. Are the others? Is that the initial barrier?

@theprivacyfoundation Good call!
Matomo has a 21 day free trial of their hosted service, but no complete free version on their servers (except as wordpress plugin as it seems).
Fathom has a 7 day free tial, but also no complete free version.

In most cases, you have to setup and pay a server or pay the services. That is the big advantage of Google Analytics.

Maybe we can go even one step further back and ask:
Are these analytics really necessary on website X?
What benefits do they generate?

@puresick There are benefits to analytics. Knowing what and how people convert into a sale or action can make sense for running a successful business. But there are other ways to obtain metrics too.

Does the #foss community feel that the cause is being undermined by trading freedom for a “free” service like Google Analytics (which is big data)?

Perhaps there is sort of a peer pressure to add GA or that “it’s the thing to do” after launching a site?

@theprivacyfoundation True that, but I believe that there are many implementations just because "it is better to have it and it does not hurt anyone"-mentality.
I do not doubt that it can be useful in specific cases, like online shops or software usage.

Not sure how the general feeling about this is, but I think that many people still do not understand how valuable their data can be.

Hm, good question. Sounds plausbile that "it's the thing to do". Also it is fast to implement - [next toot]

you just need an embed and an account, and you are basically ready to go in 5 minutes.
Many projects start as MVP - quickly setup everything and see how it works - GA fits perfectly into this scenario, where other alternative require selfhosting-setup or a payment.

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