Zoom falling on their encryption:


I hope people will stop using them if they won’t fix their problems in their 90 day feature freeze bugfix time.
(To be clear I doubt they achieve this but let’s see how they will do)

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By the way, we need no tracking for these stats. We poll demo.codimd.org/status which puts out these numbers.

We just do some counts on the DB model and the socket.io connections :)


Yes, it's not 100% accurate but enough for keeping the service in shape. /sh

#privacy #tracking #operation

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Ok, it seems that zoom tries to solved their problems:


Let us watch this and see what they are fixing.
In the meatime, check out bigbluebutton.org/
Once set up, which seems to be quiet the pain, it works really great - and respects your privacy!

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What is the reason showing a code snippet in your article/post and prevent it from being copied?
Especially when it is just boilerplate code?


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Leider beinhaltet die Jitsi-Meet-App für Android und iOS drei Tracker. Die Entwickler sind bereits informiert. Die Version aus F-Droid hingegen ist komplett OHNE Tracker. 🧙‍♂️


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Before I'm misunderstood- I'm *not* suggesting that we throw up our hands and use Zoom.

Instead, I'm suggesting that we need to start realizing that simply building software isn't enough. Projects like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and Signal work because they're backed with hardware and bandwidth.

If we want a Zoom replacement, we'll need to ensure there is money to pay for the necessary components to pay for its infrasturcture and ongoing maintence.

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The sooner that people who are thinking about replacing Zoom realize that the problem isn't one of software but of infrastructure, the better.

The reason Zoom works so well on a technical level is that they have a lot of infrastrutcture to support the downmixing of streams- including a ton of processing power, as well as very good bandwidth between their data centers.

You could build an equilvient program, but without the hardware and connectivity behind it, it won't be as good.

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Eine weitere Episode ist online! Diesmal sprechen wir über unsere Workflows zum Thema Notizen (u.a. mit einem Fokus auf Notion), ein altbekanntes Thema und vieles mehr - sprachnachrichten.fm/sn003-dig

Well it seems that zoom fixed their iOS app - good!


“Zoom takes its users’ privacy extremely seriously. [...] we were recently made aware that the Facebook SDK was collecting unnecessary device data” - but reading this, stay alerted about them. You should know your tools, especially if you use tools from advertisement companies like Facebook!

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@puresick Yes indeed, this is well said. There are a lot of things in Linux that marvels me, just because they're achieved through the power of the community. It means slighly less to me if these things are already standards on other platforms.

Woah, Gnome supports showing me the battery level of my Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse.


I guess these little features are things only linux user are happy about and for macos and windows user, it is just normal :D


Do not use zoom:


And to all developers out there:
Stop using facebook sdk and other stupid stuff. Take care of your users!

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Just updated my blog post on Apple killing Offline Web Apps with questions after they silently updated their blog post (thanks for the heads up @xerz).

I’m now confused and wondering if they thought this out at all.

I’ve also added a link to @soapdog’s blog post on the same subject.


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