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In wenigen Minuten nehmen wir die neue Folge Bandbreite auf :)

One example why Google is bad and you should stop using Chrome/Chromium (and all its derivates like Opera, Vivaldi and the new Edge) as your browser:


Better use Firefox or Epiphany (Linux)/Safari (macOS) or anything else without the Blink engine if you care about yourself

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Ok people, what can we do to prevent Googles Recaptcha being used all over the web?

LOL, I just opened the box of a bluetooth usb stick I ordered and it shipped with a driver-cdrom.

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“This website uses cookies to make things easier. [Accept and close this message]” is possibly some of the worst consent copy I’ve ever read.

What things? Easier how? Easier for who? Easier for the person who ticked “cookie notice done” off their todo list?

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If someone is using deoplete.vim:

do not update yet, there is an issue with the latest version:


Measures how much co2 your website produces.
As always with such things, take it with a grain of salt.
It is still an interesting insight.

Sometimes, Customer Support amazed me.
I just wrote an eMail because their application did not work with a magnet link they sent me.
I got an answer within minutes telling me that they had issues and it should work again, what it did.

Somehow, when I am thinking about this topic and about efficiency and sufficiency of technology, this article always comes into my mind:


I really like this idea a lot :)

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