Does anyone know about a secure messaging platform for group chats which work similar to Telegram private chats – just for groups?

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@wolf @rufposten

Wir müssen klarer reden.

"Personalisierte Werbung" z.B. - dieses Schönsprechwort ist nichts anderes als

"auf dich und deine individuellen Schwächen (Triggerpunkte) zugeschnittene Manipulation".

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I'm working now for several years on voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, etc. Is there something you always wanted to know about them?
Feel free to share.

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It's funny how using an anonymized email address, because you want to keep track of who sells your mail address and protect your privacy, can get you into "trouble" while opening a bank account..
Just had to explain myself for several minutes, why it's such a cryptic mail address and why the name of the bank is in the mail address (using the +label in the address).

Finally I built me a *real* Smart Home. Turn your 🔈 on. 

Unfortunately I do not yet have a setup, which has any data privacy focus. 🙈
As soon as I have some free time I would like to rebuild that with open source tools.

Current setup:
1. Xiaomi lights added through the Yeelight App into the Alexa Device List
2. Motion Sensor from Philips
3. Amazon Echo
4. Routine in the Alexa App: When motion sensor is triggered, turn on lights and tell a sentence.

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If you started working in 1 AD earning a whopping 700 USD per hour, then kept working 24/7 all the time until 2020, having zero expenses, you'd have something close to 12.5 billion US dollars.

Congratulations, you've managed to make around 10% of Jeff Bezos' net worth and it only took a little over 2000 years of work with zero breaks at around 20x the average hourly salary
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@Sony will supposedly remove the light bar from the controllers, which is currently used to track you in VR games.
As there is a second generation of PSVR glasses planned, they will most probably introduce a new tracking system!

Just found another patent for a voice help system called "PlayStation Assist".

A method for providing gaming assistance, wherein game state data includes (...):
character; character race or type; current quest for a first character in the game play (...)

Joshua Montgomery, CEO of Open Source Voice Assistant Mycroft, decided to fight back against patent trolls:
"Patent trolls get paid because short-sighted companies make the decision to pay. Simply put, it is usually cheaper in the short run to pay a troll than it is to litigate. It is also cheaper to give a schoolyard bully your lunch money than it is to visit a doctor. The thing is, once you pay the bully, he’ll just come back again and again and again."

The Voice interface will soon take over gaming consoles.

Sony just patented a range of voice interactions inside of games.

You'll be able to ask
"How can I defeat this boss?"
"How can I craft that item?"

"The method provides an operation for processing game data of the player for determining the current state of the player (...) and processing game data of other players that have completed the objective by advancing to the subsequent state from the current state."

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