"Spotify started out with music, but it has thundered into the podcasting space, pouring hundreds upon hundreds of millions into a remarkably efficient effort to unseat Apple and establish itself as the premiere destination for podcasts." - wired.com
you do not get the first rule about podcasts, do you?

@himselforama almost none of my students were using podcasts outside of Spotify. None of my students know what an RSS feed is until I told them. We lost podcasts (and most importantly:one of the last medium with little to no tracking).


@himselforama when asking for recommendations, the list was sadly filled with "Spotify exclusives" that I would not even count as real podcasts for their lack of independent distribution.

@himselforama this is totally sad. We then sourced a list of interesting podcasts, and for a few of them I did not even find a website and/or feed url ("spotify exclusives" obviously; but also others).

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