Linux folks: “my engine is better than that car. Why isn’t everyone driving my engine?”

Because we drive cars, not engines.

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Appl maxOS. "eh, buddy, that's fine. Grab yourself an iPhone"
Linux. "Dude, it's GNU+Linux, actually. You need to RTFM before you are allowed in."

@claudius @aral

Appl maxOS: "Get an education first and a highly paying job then grab yourself in iPhone"
Linux: "Dude, it works on a $25 Raspberry Pi, ask your mom she probably can afford it."

@jeena @aral absolutely. This is why we must make the linux experience better and more welcoming for everyone. Right now, only rich people get to have a device that "just works". Linux is a very shitty experience unless you have either a) intimate knowledge about inner worksings of computers or b) some sysadmin-y friend on speed-dial.

@jeena @aral And I absolutely love that linux can teach you so much about computers. I just hate that is HAS to teach you so much about computers.

@jeena @aral Yes, this has gotten better over the past 20 years. No, it's still not in a place that works for everyone out of the box. I mean including long-term stability. People by and large can do iOS and android updates just fine. On Linux, I usually set aside a few hours for major updates.

@claudius @aral I installed Ubuntu for 3 people who didn't use computers before (no prior MacOS or Windows knowledge) Two children and one senior citizen. That was 3-5 years ago. One of the youngsters sometimes whines because he can't install some windows only application. The other two only use the browser. I set up automatic updates and they all seem to be able to use the computer for what they want to without me holding any hands.

I think it's possible already for normal people to use Linux.


@jeena @aral I also have linux installed in my family. But now I'm a part-time sysadmin there. Linux is absolutely possible to use. But if it breaks down, it's harder to fix by yourself.

@claudius I'm not sure I would say that it's easier to fix MacOS or Windows by yourself if it breaks down. At least if "fixing" means something else than reinstalling the operating system. But probably we have different expectations.

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