here's a MASSIVE post with a great collection of telemetry guidelines in Free/Open Source Software:

- Then the issue got closed: (mind you, this is not fully over, yet. Tracking/Telemetry is likely to return, but in a different form)

Here's a fork under kxstudio: (this is one I'd keep an eye on if things go sideways with the original )

an interesting approach to telemetry/crash-tracking proposed by SndChaser:
has a plugin system. implement telemetry and crash-reporting as an opt-in plugin.

@claudius > I am very sick of this mentality to be very honest.

Demoralizing discovery. I hope they can keep it disabled by default, but I've never seen that happen for long, once the "feature" is smuggled in, it can be much more easily made default in the future. It's already abusing a manipulative dark pattern by popping the dialog and making the opt-in button bright blue.

@mplammers Yeah, this is really something that grinds my gears. And they (in my opinion) did _everything_ wrong that they could possibly have done wrong.

@freedcreative @sheogorath I'm regularly skimming through the some-odd-hundred posts of that issue, because the good ones get lost just as much as the rest. Also that one in particular stood out for length (easy) and depth (pretty hard).

@claudius Thanks for bringing that to our attention! The poster bowed to popular demand and also put that comment in an easier-to-reference place !

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