If you like, use or even produce Podcasts, you should read this. And you should demand podcasts to be available via RSS. Having a show locked into Spotify or audible is _not_ a podcast. You're just handing them your audience for free.

@claudius ...or discarding audience members who refuse to load Spotify.

@claudius I've been concerned about this and honestly been surprised that this hasn't happened sooner. The only reason I think it hasn't is that so far, podcasts are low money in comparison to streaming video.

There do seem to be some good actors in this space though. Back in the day, Air America offered a special premium RSS feed, and it appears Slate Podcasts is doing the same.

The problem is the aggregators make it hard to use those premium feeds!

@emacsen @claudius If I'm not mistaken, #Liferea, installed by default in #Trisquel, also supports adding premium #RSS / #Atom feeds, since these are just a matter of sending an #HTTP authentication (AUTH) request.

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