A few weeks ago, and a few others mentioned that you can get a HDMI -> USB Capture device for around 10 Euros. I now keep one in my Raspberry Pi box, to easily debug one without needing to rewire my monitor or get a second one. 10 Euros well spent.

@claudius WTF? This boosts my whole business by about 50% efficiency! Thanks!

@claudius I need one of these so I can use my spyware work laptop with my USB switcher. If you've got a link, lmk.

@charims I can't find the exact model any more, but this one is pretty close. There's a ton of quite similar thing on aliexpress:

@claudius wait what? where can we get this type of thing? Please don't say China... please say 'somewhere in Europe that is not Amazon'

@Truck in the end, they will probably all have been manufactured in china. In my case I got one similar to this one. The exact one I have is no longer listed.

@claudius manufactured is fine - it's dealing with Finnish customs that I don't want to do (:

@Truck Ah, thanks :-) In germany there's an exemption for low value goods, so I assumed something like that might apply everywhere.

@claudius There is a limit here as well - anything over 20 euros and it must be taxed and classified.

Yes, that would PROBABLY be under that.

But, one never knows when they might inspect a package (:

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