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New York Attorney General declares top ISPs committed net neutrality fraud

“Altogether, 80% of all public FCC comments filed on its net-neutrality proposal four years ago came from the scammers … Behind [the] vast majority of this astroturfing campaign was Broadband for America, a marketing group funded by the country's top ISPs“

Please, do tell me again about self-regulation, and how corporate behemoths are inherently good (but sometimes – oops! – make mistakes), etc.

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@claudius Thanks for bringing that to our attention! The poster bowed to popular demand and also put that comment in an easier-to-reference place !

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Its so f*cking stupid that cities are so heavily geared towards moving individual people in 2 tonnes of steel propelled by explosions through dense neighbourhoods. Can we just please stop this madness already.

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It's okay to be taught stuff in school that you'll never need again in your life. Because if you only know and do what you need, it's called survival, not life.

It took me quite a long time to realise of, yes, I never needed to learn about Greek mythology using poems written by people in the 18/19th century, but it's good to know.

There might be better things to learn, but there is basically nothing one should not learn. Knowledge is human kind's greatest treasure. Enjoy learning it.

here's a MASSIVE post with a great collection of telemetry guidelines in Free/Open Source Software:

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@claudius Bevor jetzt einer kommt, das sei verkürzt. Ja verdammt, das hier ist Mastodon. Aber Kinder und Jugendliche haben einfach überhaupt keinen Gestaltungsspielraum in unserer Gesellschaft. Und keine Lobby. Und wo sie mal Räume haben, werden doebzerstört, gesperrt und abgebaut.

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Does anyone here run on an unifi AP? I have an odd IPv6 problem on both 19.7.7 and 21.02-rc1 and I wonder if I'm the only one.

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Den "Genderator" kannte ich noch nicht.

1. Genderwörterbuch mit >10.000 Einträgen
2. zukünftig ein Tool, das Texte maschinell genderneutral "übersetzen" soll.

Von den Wörterbucheinträgen bin ich bei den üblichen kritischen Fällen noch nicht so überzeugt.

Zusammengesetzte Wörter scheint der Automat ohne Kontext und Semantik einzeln zu übersetzen. Ein suche nach "Bürgermeister"...

Als Anregung aber gut und eine Parallele zu

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MuseScore already has this crap in!
We need to get this stuff reverted.
Muse Group has to stop using Google Analytics and Yandex if they want to work on FOSS.

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The US supports to lift patents on Covid-19 vaccines in the @wto!
A HUGE victory for all campaigners involved!

You can make @EU_Commission do the same thing.
Sign & Share the official European Citizens' Initiative

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Apparently the new audacity owners are adding telemetry to it :/ This is....concerning. Especially because that PR discussion has _zero_ opposition to the feature being added

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Die ganzen Chrome-Ableger wie Brave, Vivaldi oder Opera geben vor die Privatsphäre zu schützen - doch schon beim Start gehen etliche Verbindungen zu Google und Co. auf.

Besser macht es der Ungoogled Chromium oder Bromite - da herrscht Stille.

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@rfox @aral this is a device that should not have the ability to be deactivated. Remote or local, by me or anyone. I can't think of a single example where this would be beneficial.

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