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India's coronavirus lockdown is having a dramatic impact on pollution

In the capital, New Delhi, government data shows the average concentration of PM 2.5 plunged by 71% in the space of a week

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Leute, die über Eigenschaften von Exponentialfunktionen Meinungen haben.
Sowas hätte es bei uns früher im Physik-LK nicht gegeben.

merkt ihr selbst, oder?

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(()=>`(/* ◡ */)`)()

Don’t judge an emoticon before running it in a JavaScript interpreter.

(Yes, I might have too much time on my hands.)

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Quite interesting read:

"6 Things Markdown Got Wrong"

But seems like we got things right there in CodiMD :)

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#Google verteilt kostenlose Chromebooks an Schüler*innen und erstellt Bewegungsprofile (!), sammelt Passwörter (!), besuchte Webseiten (!), Suchanfragen (!), Kontaktlisten (!), Sprachaufzeichnungen (!), biometrische Gesichtsscans (!). #digitaleBildung

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We just upgraded RAM limits for the demo instance in order to host more people.

We have currently up to 200 users editing up to 120 notes on the demo instance. Looking forward to seeing if the increased memory limits also unleash more users if needed 😃

Hope you stay safe out there and have fun collaborating! /sh

#CodiMD #hosting #collaboration #markdown

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By the way, we need no tracking for these stats. We poll which puts out these numbers.

We just do some counts on the DB model and the connections :)

Yes, it's not 100% accurate but enough for keeping the service in shape. /sh

#privacy #tracking #operation

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As I can't stream using regular platforms due to low bandwidth and therefore crappy quality, here the alternative tmate stream :)

Feel free to join me migrating my GitLab to a new storage backend :)

If you have questions, reply to this toot :)


#tmate #streaming #gitlab

A pretty comprehensive list of everything wrong with .
You don't get there by accident. This can never be fully fixed, forgiven and forgotten, in my opinion.

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Shameless plug:

Red Hat's big annual tech conference went virtual this year (thanks COVID-19). But also, the two day virtual event is free to attend now!

If you're interested in checking out all of the amazing content from Red Hat Summit for $0, learn more about it and register here:

Full disclosure: I'm a Red Hatter and my team has built a pretty incredible Kubernetes + Kafka + Knative + Tensorflow + Ceph demo for this event. I am super proud of their hard work!

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As my old phone is fallin apart I need to find a new one (preferably refurbished) supported by recent lineage OS (16/17), display 6.2" max (preferably smaller), ideally sd card slot, preferably wireless charging + waterresistant, decent camera, ~350-400+ ppi, usb C, good battery life (at least one day without charging). For now the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 looks most promising, but it's not really satisfying... I didn't expect this to be an almost impossible problem. Help please!

Es gibt wirklich haufenweise "Open Ventilator" (Beatmungsgerät) Designs. Es gibt nur bisher kein _Gutes_. (Liste mitten im Video).
Medtech-Specs sind wohl vollständig, aber die Lizenz macht es kommerziell uninteressant und nicht wirklich Open Source.

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Ich bin heute bei Markus Lanz und werde vorher wegen 2m Abstand „die Maske unter Anleitung selbst vornehmen.“
Könnte lustig werden 🤡

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come for the reflection on a complex topic, but _please_ stay for the exquisite montage of one of my favorite characters in all of star trek (starts at 21:30)

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