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I propose banning all advertising as an energy saving measure
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Aldi Süd makes some weirdly good vegan smoked Salmon. Made an egg salmon sandwich with onion and mayo like you typically get at fish places here.
Tasted exactly like I remember it from ~8 years ago.

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Google insiders explain why Google launches many products and then abandons them.

Hint: It has to do with chasing promotions. 🤦‍♂️


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Ezri: Why don't they ever make movies about what happens after they kiss?
Odo: They do. It's called porn.

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Running git diff before every commit will make you a better developer.

#dev #tip

Dear developer and/or Open Source and/or Free/Libre Software friends:

How is your experience with **bounties** on issues. Have you seen these work out in practice?

Boosts for reach welcome. Replies also welcome.

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Google Stadia is finally shutting down. Nobody's surprised, but Ross Scott's take on this is probably going to be surprising.

This is very important for all gamers.
#Games #Gaming #Google #Stadia #RightToReplay #RightToRepair

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@aral @ben I keep recommending these 1 litre PCs. Servethehome has a whole YT playlist on these called "Project tiny-mini-micro":

I use the Lenovo M75q Gen 2 myself and I'm very happy with them. You won't get HA storage in there, given that they only have 1 NVMe and one SATA SSD slot, but there are other machines in this price/size range that should fit your needs.

Jo. Die weitere Ziffer reißt das Passwort natürlich von "mittel" zu "stark". Klar.

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Jadzia: People come here to reinvent themselves.
Jadzia: Is that why you're here Worf? To reinvent yourself?
Worf: Why would I mess with perfection?

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Union fährt Karren in den Dreck.
Ampel strauchelt (Gasumlage), erkennt Fehler, räumt sie ein und steht dazu, findet bessere Lösung.

Union: "Ampel hat versagt."
Presse: "Ampel hat versagt."
Bevölkerung: "Ampel hat versagt."

Was wollt ihr eigentlich?

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Our classic #Fairphone 3 has made a comeback! Check out our refurbished NEW LIFE EDITION. Better for the planet and your wallet. 📱🌿

Read more in 🇩🇪 :

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Star Trek Lower Decks S3F6 Spoilers 

Meine Güte, Kira Nerys ist wahnsinnig toll gezeichnet!

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"Google is shutting down Stadia"

Oh, I'm so... surprised 😒

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„Schlagt doch ein paar von euch tot, dann teilt sich’s leichter.“
Leider so viel Wahrheit in dieser Liedzeile von Knorkator 😳

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