Dear fellow users: do you still use this instance? We have very few of you active in the timelines, but maybe your accounts are just private?

From monitoring, I would assume that this started around 12:00 today.

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Server hard drive was full, so there were a few "500 internal server errors" sorry about that.

After deleting old logfiles and rebooting, it seems to be resolved.

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:sabakan: #Mastodon 3.5.3 has just been released with multiple security fixes, as well as a couple cool improvements!

A 3.4.8 backport is available for those who haven't made the jump to 3.5 yet.

Upgrade auf 3.5.3 ist abgeschlossen.

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5,086,287 accounts
+1,264 in the last hour
+25,041 in the last day
+44,694 in the last week

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Scheduling the Mastodon update to 3.5 tonight. Ther will be a little bit of downtime, because we will need to re-import our database. This is unusual and may take half an hour or so. During this time will be unavailable.

Update auf Mastodon v3.4.6 ist erledigt. Das war ein kritisches Security-Update, weitere Informationen hier:

We have updated to Mastodon v3.4.5 in preparation for a critical update that will take place on Thursday, February 3rd 2022.

While I was at it, I also enabled full text search on this instance. In case you ever need to find an old toot of yours.

This Mastodon instance is now finally on the latest version (v3.4.4).

doing some maintenance to this morning. If it is unavailable for a few minutes, please stand by :-)

@mirsch ich würde mit gerne auch an eurem Relay teilnehmen.

Ich habe mich entschlossen, ein Repo für diese Instanz anzulegen, in etwa nach dem Vorbild von @ordnung - dort könnten Probleme gemeldet und Änderungen besprochen werden, sofern wir welche hätten.
(steht ab jetzt auch auf der "über diesen Server"-Seite)

So, nun etwas doppelt so viel Platte für Mastodon, das sollte eine Weile halten, hoffe ich.

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Platte voll, wird in Kürze mal neu gestartet, hier.

this instance will receive an update in a few minutes.

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